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“With this ring”: Wedding day bands via the ages

By Sonja Sanders

Early diamond wedding day ring and fashionable diamond wedding day ring.
Pics courtesy Jewelry by Sanders

Rings are symbolic, sentimental, and have non secular which means for the wearer. Certainly, a band’s round form is agent of the cycle of lifestyle and eternity—it is limitless. To several married partners, marriage ceremony rings signify their guarantee of fidelity. Publicly, they clearly show a couple’s motivation to each other.

Who had been the first individuals to have on rings? No one is aware of for guaranteed, of class. That claimed, 3000 to 6000 years back, Egyptians were being regarded for their appreciation of symbolism and wore rings to exhibit infinite appreciate, represented by the strong bond of the circle. Indeed, in historic Egypt, gals wore decoratively braided rings, which were being not made of metal, but of papyrus or reeds. As time passed and societies this sort of as these wanted a lot more resilient rings, much better materials—including leather-based, wooden, and ivory—were made use of to craft them.

Gold ring with inscription ‘True to the end.’
Gold ring with inscription ‘True to the stop.’

Greeks are considered to be the first cultural group to put on gold rings. It was 332 CE when Alexander the Terrific led the Greeks to conquer the Egyptians. This conquest motivated the Greeks, and a person of the traditions they adopted was the giving of rings to signify devotion.

In the ancient Roman era, marriage rings have been mostly created of iron and, typically, were worn as a image of possession. In this period of time, Roman soldiers observed iron as symbolic of power symptoms of wealth have been rings built of cherished metals.

Dating back 600 many years there is proof in prayer guides, ceremony, and legality information, demonstrating relationship was a agreement amongst people. Ordinarily, this included an exchange of gold and silver prior to or in the course of a relationship ceremony. This formality was in the end replaced by the exchange of the gold or silver rings involving a betrothed pair.

Historically, marriage rings built of gold have been worn considering that 2000 BCE. In extra new intervals, this exercise is relatively commonplace, as there are gold mines all above the environment on the other hand, in before situations, this was not the case and it was generally individuals of prosperity who wore rings designed of gold.

Though weddings have lengthy been aspect of spiritual ceremony in a myriad of cultures, it was the 12th century when the Catholic Church proven relationship as a sacrament. This progress significantly motivated the custom of a guy supplying a female a ring. Giving one’s enjoy with a ring prior to relationship was a indication of betrothal and represented a severe guarantee. These wedding ceremony rings went on to have the non secular importance of commitment.

One particular generally held perception surrounding the custom of wedding rings is the ‘vein of adore,’ which leads right to the heart, is located on the fourth finger of the left hand. Whilst researchers have, sadly, disproved this, our collective attraction to romance conjures up us to manage the custom of wearing our wedding day rings on this finger. (As practicality would have it, this digit is also thought of as the finger minimum normally utilised and, because most persons are ideal-handed, there is a lot less opportunity of detrimental a marriage ring worn in this article.)

Modern Claddagh ring, featuring heart, hands, and a crown.
Modern Claddagh ring, that includes coronary heart, hands, and a crown.

Because the 1800s, quite a few European nations have experienced double-ring ceremonies. In some of these nations, the ring is worn on the left hand for engagement and transferred to the finger on the suitable hand on marriage. In the Netherlands, for example, Catholics customarily use wedding day rings on the appropriate hand when engaged and shift them to the still left as soon as married Protestants do the very same, but with opposite hands. Furthermore, in Jewish ceremonies, the groom places a wedding ceremony ring on the bride’s suitable index finger.

The past several hundreds of years have provided us specifically sentimental wedding ceremony bands. The posey ring, popularized in the 17th and 18th hundreds of years, was a simple band with a ‘love-themed’ poem or verse engraved within. This exercise little by little developed into messages being engraved or intended on the outdoors of a ring in additional seen areas.

The fede (‘hands in faith’) ring (also identified as a gimmel ring) originated as a indication of friendship in the 18th and 19th centuries, but was also worn as a wedding ring. The piece is comprised of 3 rings, which are stacked jointly and riveted at the foundation so they can open beside a single an additional. The central ring capabilities a heart, although the two outside rings every have a hand when shut, the palms clasp together and encompass the coronary heart. Sometimes, when open up, the wearer could admire a gemstone which was set into the coronary heart.

All through the early 18th century, the fede was created into a one-ring variation, regarded as the Claddagh ring, which could be worn as a friendship, engagement, or wedding ring. These items also ordinarily characteristic a crown in their structure. When I first commenced my occupation in jewelry retail, I try to remember an Irish human being acquiring a Claddagh ring and declaring to its receiver, “Take my coronary heart into your arms and crown it with your enjoy.”

Although adult males sporting engagement rings is, historically, not a popular follow, this custom noticed emergence through Planet War II. Troopers fighting abroad would routinely put on basic bands to signify engagement (and, presumably, to try to remember their beloved ones back home). These rings ordinarily went on to become their wedding day bands.

Early rings with ‘forget-me-not’ flowers, hearts, and poppy designs.
Early rings with ‘forget-me-not’ bouquets, hearts, and poppy designs.

More than the yrs, wedding rings have taken on different appearances. We routinely see early, traditional kinds that carry specific meaning for people who wear them, along with style and design capabilities that are certain to recognized fashion eras.

In Georgian situations (1714 to 1837), wedding rings had been normally designed from 18-karat gold. These items had been typically intricately adorned, featuring design factors this kind of as bows, scrolls, bouquets, and hearts.

In the mid-1800s, lawful requirements changed to let 9-karat to 15-karat gold, creating gold rings considerably more reasonably priced. The Victorian period in England adopted innovative band models in the shapes of snakes, as well as Celtic knots and styles.

The opening of South African diamond mines in the late 1800s observed diamonds turn into progressively popular. As such, it was extra commonplace to have engagement rings set with diamonds and wedding rings followed match.

The 1st platinum rings have been introduced in the Edwardian period (1901 to 1910), coinciding with the art nouveau interval. This time noticed filigree operate, much more awareness to depth, and goldsmiths striving for perfection in our industry. Patterns mirrored character as well as symmetry.

Furthermore, the artwork deco period of time (1920 to 1940) gave us a lot more geometry and sharp-edged designs. Rings grew to become a lot additional decorative for ladies. In the 1930s, engagement and wedding day rings ended up witnessed with the new ‘illusion’ type settings, which assisted diamonds look greater than their carat depend.

Of program, WWII saw a stoppage in the use of platinum for jewellery due to war-similar prerequisites and calls for. White gold was launched as a substitution, then rose gold designed its well-known return. Just after the war, ring styles became incredibly daring, but there was even now a spot for plain bands—especially in men’s jewellery.

In the a long time that adopted, we saw wedding ceremony rings with rope patterns, braided patterns, and floral accents (once again). Platinum came back and rings had been common in two-tone or all yellow. The wedding ceremony ring trend plates ran their cycles now, a wide range of metals and types are acknowledged, with choice slipping to the wearer.

At present, in retaining with cyclical trend trends, marriage ceremony sets with ‘vintage’ design and other comparable styles are exceptionally well-known with couples. These intimate parts circle back again to the eras and sentimental instances absent by—they are really timeless! 

Sonja Sanders grew up in a jewelry business family and discovered goldsmithing and gem appreciation as a teen. She now operates her family’s jewelry small business with her partner, Joe, and two of their children—the store’s 3rd era. She is a grasp goldsmith, Graduate Gemmologist with the Gemological Institute of The usa (GIA), and teaches appraisal programs in Toronto. Sanders also enjoys her function with the Canadian Jewellers Association, where she is associated with the Accredited Appraiser Plan and education and learning. She is a lover of antiques and estate jewelry and can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]