December 7, 2022

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What the Heck is the Flying Dutchman “Burger” at In-N-Out Burger?

In-N-Out Burger is a beloved American fast-food chain cafe recognized for supplying customers with scrumptious burgers, shakes, and fries. Numerous chain eating places these days offer unique top secret menu goods to prospects who are neat ample to be “in the know”. And, In-N-Out is no exception. Maybe the most well-known mystery menu item at In-N-Out is the Flying Dutchman burger. Study more about the Traveling Dutchman down below to obtain out if you’d like to buy it the upcoming time you are up for hoping a thing new.

What's the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out Burger? (and Why Should I Order It?)

What Just is the Traveling Dutchman?

The Traveling Dutchman is a burger on the In-N-Out Burger magic formula menu.

This burger is made up of 2 slices of melted cheese sandwiched between 2 beef patties.

The Traveling Dutchman is unique from other burgers mainly because it has NO burger buns to enclose all the greasy goodness.

So, be prepared to savor this “sandwich” with a great deal of napkins on hand.

The burger also does not have any extras like lettuce or onions. It’s just simply just a beef and cheese sandwich.

Will Staff members Know It by Title When I Buy It?


Most In-N-Out staff will know the Traveling Dutchman buy by identify.

However, if the worker is new, they could not have the slightest clue what you are inquiring for.

If that is the situation, just explain you’d like two slices of melted cheese sandwiched amongst 2 beef patties.

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Are There Areas that Never Provide the Traveling Dutchman?


All In-N-Out locations supply top secret menu merchandise, which include the Traveling Dutchman.

Yet again, depending on how new the cashier is, they could not know all the solution menu products by heart nevertheless.

If that is the circumstance, just make clear what you’d like your buy to be (i.e. 2 cheese slices concerning 2 beef patties).

Is It Well-known Among the Keto Eaters?


A Keto diet regime is significant in excess fat and protein, and small in carbs.

Considering the fact that the Traveling Dutchman contains two beef patties and no buns usual with a burger, this helps make for the perfect food for a Keto diet program eater.

Specially, the macro breakdown of a single Traveling Dutchman “sandwich” is about 28 grams of fats, grams of carbs, and 30 grams of protein at 380 calories per burger.

Can I Get It “Animal Style”?

Of course.

You can get the Traveling Dutchman “Animal Style” which will get you the standard Flying Dutchman with grilled onion, pickles, and spread on major, but still no buns.

They’ll also cook dinner the patties on the grill with some mustard which is the de facto “animal style” way.

How Much Does the Traveling Dutchman Cost?


Expect to shell out a tiny in excess of 2 bucks for this messy but completely delightful burger at In-N-Out.

For comparison, this is in fact at or beneath related menu goods cost-wise.

For instance, a regular cheeseburger is $2.40 and a hamburger is $2.10 at In-N-Out.

Therefore, really do not presume top secret menu goods are likely to be insane high-priced as opposed to other common orders.

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How Do You Take in It? With a Knife and Fork?

There’s no denying the Traveling Dutchman is an incredibly messy food.

This is simply because no hamburger buns are holding all the burger grease and cheese juices jointly.

You can consume it just as you would any other sandwich having said that, have lots of napkins at the completely ready to wipe your arms off.

Or, you can choose the cleaner strategy of opting to use a fork and knife and reducing the burger apart.

Also, think about buying it with a “lettuce wrap” building it far more or a protein burger but it will NO doubt be less complicated to eat with your hands.

Wherever Does the Name Come From?

Does the title “Flying Dutchman” sound common?

If sure, which is for the reason that the Flying Dutchman is a legend about a ghost ship that sails the seas for eternity, not able to make it to port.

You may also know the name from a classic kids’ Tv demonstrate you may well have grown up with, SpongeBob Squarepants, the place the flying ghost ship would make an appearance in an episode.

Question the Reader: Have you ever requested the Traveling Dutchman from their solution menu and how did you take in it devoid of needing a shower later on?

By Kyle James