December 2, 2022

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Mums craft jewellery out of breastmilk and DNA to cherish special life memories

Jewellery made out of breast milk is the latest must-have for people wanting to mark their breastfeeding journey.

One mum has told how she created her jewellery business, which uses DNA to preserve special memories, during lockdown – and now business is booming.

Keepsake jewellery using materials such as a pet’s fur or a loved one’s ashes is routinely created – and this is no different, with drops of mother’s milk preserved for eternity.

Mothers of Eden Makes can preserve the drops of expressed milk in resin forever – and the trend is growing in popularity, Bristol Live reports.

Mum Bonnie, who created the project, explained it came about because of coronavirus.

Not everyone has an easy breastfeeding journey

She said: “Mothers of Eden Makes came about throughout lockdown when we had a little more free time on our hands.

“My other half had developed an interest in DNA Jewellery over recent years, particularly Cremation Jewellery.

“We lost her mum some years ago and shortly after our nephew, as well as my dad, all over recent years.

“So death has been quite a prevalent theme for us within both of our families.

“My partner researched a lot and chose to buy a special keepsake made from her mum’s ashes – it’s a very beautiful ring but it did cost a few hundred pounds.

breastmilk infused resin bracelet
The trend is growing in popularity

“I remember thinking that Cremation Jewellery seemed quite expensive and not always the most affordable option for everyone.”

After discovering how expensive it could be, the duo decided to create more affordable pieces.

Bonnie added: “We decided to get crafting with a mission to make accessible DNA Jewellery keepsakes, completely tailored to the individual customer’s wishes.

“From the style, colour, type of jewellery piece and the various kind of DNA that can be added such as ashes, hair, umbilical cord, even preserved breast milk, or flowers from a wedding day or special occasion.

necklace crafted with breast milk
The beautiful jewellery marks an important journey

“I think it’s so beautiful to capture our life’s journeys I love making precious memories into special keepsakes that can be kept forever.”

BristolLive’s parenting writer Caprice Fox shared her thoughts on the jewellery and her personal experiences of breastfeeding.

Before becoming a parent, the mum assumed she would breastfeed her now three-year-old daughter.

But she admits when it came to it, she was “quite naive to how exhausting and at times, really hard work it can be.”

She added: ” I was up cluster feeding at night, juggling trying to walk a dog while feeding a baby in a sling and for months, having no autonomy over my own body.”

The mum then decided to order a ring containing her breast milk to commemorate her feeding journey – and you can see her reaction at the top.