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Konstantinos Chamatzis: The Man Behind COSTIS Jewelry | archive , culture & arts , events

ATHENS – Talent, experience, study, but above all love and passion for jewelry. All these elements combine to form unique creations, which you cannot find anywhere else. Come and meet the man behind the internationally recognized COSTIS brand, Konstantinos Chamatzis. A true artist who loves colored gemstones and uses them as a painting palette to give color, vibrancy and strength to his creations. He spoke with The National Herald about his journey, his creations, and his plans.

TNH: How did you start making jewelry?

Konstantinos Chamatzis: From the age of six, I was impressed and approached to admire the windows of jewelry stores, unlike my peers who went to toy stores. More karmic. In the process I worked in a large jewelry house in Athens and for my studies I was in Milan where I studied the design and construction of high jewelry. Five years of studies and at the same time I worked for a world famous Italian jewelry house. Upon my return to Greece, I set up shop in Syntagma Square in Athens, and after a while I was offered to design jewelry and other luxury items for a large Italian brand. I already had my base in Greece and had just become a member of the Italian Design Association – ADI, and so I created my own jewelry house that now completes 27 years in the field. In 2010, with the global financial crisis and the parallel crisis in Greece, I went abroad and in an international competition I took first place in the selection for the international exhibition Couture Las Vegas 2012, where I signed an agreement with the American company Neiman Marcus. For a number of years I have been ranked among the top ten designers in the world as a pioneer in creating jewelry and have been featured in magazines in many countries.

In 2017, I created my official headquarters in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Kifisia, Panagitsas 3, where I am found by those looking for exceptional quality and design.

The National Herald

The COSTIS flagship store is located in Kifisia, Athens. (Photo: Courtesy of Konstantinos Chamatzis/ COSTIS Jewelry)

TNH: What makes a piece of jewelry special?

KC: What makes a piece of jewelry special is its design, its materials and the artist’s signature. This makes it different from what is on the market, something like the difference between a photocopy and a painting. The palette is the materials I use and the volume of the creations is my painting frame.

TNH: If one is not an artist by nature can one create jewelry?

KC: In recent years there are many people who are amateurishly engaged in the creation of jewelry, made of ropes, porcelain, wires, cardboard. But creating Fine Jewelry requires knowledge and experience because you use expensive materials at great cost. Mistakes are not forgiven and the customer must always be satisfied because live advertising is the best.

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

TNH: What is the position of Greek jewelry in the world?

KC: In the past, Greek jewelry was more widespread. There was not as much supply abroad as today. There were fewer companies that produced jewelry. Things have changed over the years. Markets have opened all over the world and just like in other industries, the one who has to offer something different, something authentic and beautiful is moving forward.

TNH: Has the pandemic affected jewelry and to what extent?

KC: Of course, the pandemic has also affected the high jewelry industry. The very cheap jewelry has not been affected because they are sold online since their price is very low. A woman has to try on the expensive jewelry, to see if it fits well. She often wants to be informed by the creator of the jewelry. I have often traveled to many cities in the United States of America meeting people and explaining to them the peculiarities of each of my pieces of handmade jewelry.

The National Herald

COSTIS new line of crosses features blue sapphires and diamonds in white gold and tsavorite and diamonds in yellow gold. (Photo: Courtesy of Konstantinos Chamatzis/ COSTIS Jewelry)

TNH: What are Costis’ plans?

KC: Lately I am working on a major project, which, although its study has been completed, I cannot yet reveal. In our work there are many stages for the completion of a project, starting from the intellectual property patents to its placing on the market. But what I can reveal to you is that this is something very Greek, a global design with originality of conception and functionality. We are very optimistic about the future and we do not stop thinking and creating. I feel lucky to be dealing with a very creative subject. I belong to the generation of classic designers and my creations begin with an imprint on paper and then comes the construction. The special orders are accompanied by my signed original design so that my client has all the creative process that took place for them, as proof of the uniqueness of the jewelry. This is what uniqueness and authenticity means for COSTIS.

The National Herald

COSTIS seahorse. (Photo: Courtesy of Konstantinos Chamatzis/ COSTIS Jewelry)

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