September 27, 2022

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Everything you need to know about polo shirts

Everything you need to know about polo shirts
Everything you need to know about polo shirts

Polo shirts are the most versatile garments of the moment. Every man has at least one of them hanging in his closet. In the summer you choose the short sleeve version, in the winter the long sleeve. The polo shirt has a permanent place in the men’s closet. Did you know that a polo shirt has not even existed for that long? Curious about where the shirt comes from? And what is the best way to combine the polo shirt? In this article we tell you all you need to know about polo shirts.

The history of the polo shirt

The name polo really gives it away. The shirt originates from the sport of polo. At the beginning of the 19th century, the polo shirt was worn during polo matches. The players wear knit shirts with long sleeves and the collar protects against the wind. The shirt becomes more popular and men choose to wear the shirt in everyday life. However, these polo shirts were a lot thicker in terms of material, as we know them today. In 1926, the polo shirt really gains ground, when René Lacoste enters the tennis court with a white cotton shirt with short sleeves and a collar: the polo shirt of today.

How to wear a polo shirt?

The most important thing about wearing a polo shirt is the fit. When you wear a polo shirt, the shirt should fall well around the body. Slightly fitted and not too tight or too roomy. Length is also important with a polo shirt. The shirt should reach to the middle of the fly. Nothing looks stupider than a polo shirt that is just too short. Finally, you should not wash a polo shirt too hot. This, because the shirt is knit. Garments that are knit shrink faster. Always look at the label on the inside of the shirt. Here you will find the maximum temperature at which you can wash the polo shirt. Nowadays you also have polo shirts made of other materials, such as terry polo shirts. This will make you stand out from the rest. You can find these types of polo shirts on the website of several companies. A polo shirt can actually be worn in many different combinations. For example, it is nice on a jeans with white sneakers, but you can also combine it with chinos and espadrilles guys. You can find the best espadrilles for summer at the website of companies that are resellers of this company.