December 3, 2022

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Coles County Fair 4-H show awards announced | Agriculture

CHARLESTON — The winners at the 4-H Livestock Shows at this year’s Coles County Fair have been announced.

Swine Awards

Champion Duroc Barrow: Brantley Combs

Champion Duroc Gilt: Cole Lemmon

Champion Yorkshire Barrow: Cole Lemmon

Champion Black Poland China, Barrow: Nate Shrader

Champion Berkshire, Barrow: Olivia Thoele

Champion Berkshire, Gilt: Ben Cummins

Champion All Other Breeds, Barrow: Arabella Combs

Champion All Other Breeds, Gilt: Karly McKinney

Champion Commercial Barrow: Nate Shrader

Champion Commercial Gilt, Breeding: Amira LeGrand

Champion Market Gilt: Karly McKinney

Champion Breeding: Karly McKinney

Grand Champion Market Hog: Karly McKinney

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Goat Awards

Champion Meat Wether Goat: Rylan Spencer

Champion Dairy Wether Goat: Laine Hacker

Champion Junior Dairy Goat: Laine Hacker

Champion Junior Meat Goat: Ashley Updegraff

Champion Pair of Meat Does under 1 year: Ashley Updegraff

Champion Senior Dairy Goat: Laine Hacker

Champion Senior Meat Goat: Ashley Updegraff

Junior Showmanship: Meg Richey

Senior Showmanship: Blair Richey

Champion Pair of Dairy Does under 1 year: Laine Hacker

Beef Awards

Champion All Other Breed Heifer: Ty Nolte

Champion All Other Breed Steer: Colby Metzger

Champion Crossbred Female: Calla Hill

Champion Cow/Calf: Abigail Metzger

Champion Crossbred Steer: Landon Ames

Champion Hereford Steer: Landon Ames

Champion Market Heifer: Kaylin Nolte

Champion Shorthorn Female: Colby Metzger

Champion Shorthorn Steer: Kaylin Nolte

Champion Simmental Female: Calla Hill

Champion Simmental Steer: Cowen Metzger

Grand Champion Breeding Female: Ty Nolte

Grand Champion Market Beef: Cowen Metzger

Grand Champion Rate of Gain: Emma Spencer

Junior Showmanship: Kaylin Nolte

Rabbits Awards

Best of Show Rabbits: Willow Thomas

Grand Champion Buck: Willow Thomas

Grand Champion Doe: Carter Ballinger

Grand Champion Individual Fryer: Hayden Frantz

Grand Champion Meat Pen: Myles Kaufman

Junior Showmanship: Addison Daugherty

Poultry Awards

Champion Pair Rooster & Hen: Gavin Drake

Champion Individual Rooster: Gavin Drake

Champion Market Bird: Lainie Hacker

Champion Overall Market Pen: Matthias Hacker

Champion Cockerel: Lainie Hacker

Champion Individual Pullet: Asher Stewart

Champion Other Domestic Fowl: Jeremiah Stewart

Champion Egg Production: Whitley Dearing

Jr. Showmanship: Lainie Hacker

Sr. Showmanship: Gavin Drake

Sheep Awards

Champion Market Ewe: Mallory Homann

Champion Market Wether: Camden Hill

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Mallory Homann

Champion ram: Thomas Vandeventer

Champion Pair of market Lambs: Camden Hill

Champion Rate of Gain: Olivia VonLanken

Champion Ewe: Thomas Vandeventer

Champion Fleece: Thomas Vandeventer

Jr. Showmanship: Thomas Vandeventer

Sr. Showmanship: Blake Homann

Horse Awards

Champion Barrel Race: Addison Daugherty

Champion Costume Class: Kaylin Richey

Champion Flag Race: Ashton Warren

Grand Champion Halter: Ashton Warren

Champion Miniature Horse- 34” & Under: Ashton Warren

Champion Plug Race: Addison Daugherty

Champion Pole Bending: Addison Daugherty

Champion Senior Western Horsemanship: Kaylin Richey

Champion Spoon and Egg: Ashlee Higginbotham

Champion Walk & Trot: Ashton Warren

Champion Western Pleasure 56” & Under: Ashlee Higginbotham

Champion Western Pleasure Over 56”: Kenley Carr

Jr. Showmanship: Ashton Warren

Sr. Showmanship:  Kenley Carr

For more information on University of Illinois Extension programming in Coles County, visit their website at or call them at 217-345-7034.